5 helpful tips for meditation

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Throughout my life, meditation has always been there. You might be thinking, obviously, right? However, what I mean is that, there had always been someone in my life who was trying to get me to meditate.


My aunt used to recommend it to me while I was writing my final exams of high school. So, I tried it. And then never did it again for the next 7 years. Although, I did yoga very consistently, I refrained from meditation. *Yoga and meditation are not the same.Yoga is recommended to be supplemented by it. However, asana (postures) and meditation are separate.


I finally decided to give meditation a go again when I had developed stress knots in my shoulders and jaws from tension. A fellow teacher recommended that it would help ease it. 


So, I began. I began with merely 2 minutes a day- which felt so long. However, three years later, my 20 minute morning meditations feel like a breeze. 


This is how I developed a solid meditation practice:


1. Patience with my mind.


Meditation teaches you patience. If you can't be patient with your mind, you will get frustrated during your meditation and it will do the opposite affect. Your mind is meant to think, it will have to adjust to meditation so give it time.


2. Find a comfortable position. 


Meditation is more difficult when your body is uncomfortable. Many recommend sitting upright; however, I say as long as your back is straight, it's okay. Whether you are lying down or sitting up, a straight spines allows for chakra alignment and optimizes your meditation experience.



3. Start with short meditations.


As I mentioned before, I began with short meditations. This is so that your mind can adapt. Just like with running, your first day of training, you wouldn't run a mile. Meditation is also training, you are training your mind. In order to build a daily meditation, start with a few minutes a day.


4. Use YouTube for meditations.


YouTube is great for finding meditations. I recommend searching YouTube to find meditations that will help you through whatever you are going through. For example, if you are feeling anxious, search Meditations for anxiety.


5. You can always start again tomorrow


We have a tendency to do our best, which is great; however, when you begin meditation, you might not feel great as you still have to train your mind. You might feel as though you are disrupted a lot and, that is okay. Just know that tomorrow is another day for meditation and you don't have to NOT think about anything else to meditate. It's about bringing your mind back to where you are. Overtime, it will happen naturally. But, BE PATIENT.

3 Ayurvedic tips to cure digestive ailments

Throughout my childhood and early twenties, I had stomache problems. I had severe bloating, gas and sometimes acid reflux. While I was taking my health coach studies at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was introduced to Ayurveda. 

As a result, I ended up seeing an Ayurvedic doctor. She recommended that I do the following, and my stomache issues were solved:

1. Eat Goat Milk yoghurt.

If you are familiar with Ayurveda, you know that it is based on your main constitution. Either you are Pitta, Kapha or Vatta. (Stay tuned next week as we explain Ayurveda to you.)My predominant constitution is Pitta, which is fire and am prone to digestive issues. She recommended that I lay off of lactose, which I had already discovered, and stick to goat milk. The probiotics in yoghurt are great for creating balance in the digestive tract. 

2. Start off the day with lemon or ginger tea. 

This is a habit that a lot of people have been have been accustomed to. Drinking warm water with lemon or ginger in the morning wakes up your metabolism and the acids in your stomache. It is recommended to be done everyday first thing in the morning, to ease your stomache into the digestion that is about to happen throughout the day.

3. Decrease your stress through meditation.

Stress is negative energy and, negative energy has an effect on everything. Including your stomache. Research has shown that your digestive tract has a nervous system of its own and is sensitive to stress, that is why we increase or lose our appetite when we are stressed. The most effective and natural way to decrease stress is through meditation. (Stay tuned for meditations from BiologiqueLife, coming soon)

How to take care of oily skin

The last article that we published on skincare, was about dealing with dry skin. 

This week, we reveal ways to take care of oily skin.

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Image by Getty Images


Seborrhea is the clinical term for excessively oily skin. Acne is usually a result of oily skin, with the combination of lack of sufficient skincare and hygiene. 

Many people have acne and it is said to be one of the worst skin conditions as it becomes almost viral and, can infect most of your face once you start developing it because bacteria spreads rapidly. 


If you have acne and oily skin, please apply these skin habits to your skin and watch your skin decrease the amount of oil it has, clear up and glow in 28 days. (Remember, that skin cells replenish in a month.)



1. Drink more water

I often find myself repeating this over and over; however, it is true. As a skin specialist, I recommend drinking more water as, oily skin in most cases- unless you have an autoimmune skin disorder- is caused by having dry skin. It sounds crazy, I know. However, if your skin has been dry for a long period of time, it will become oily as a way for your skin cells to stay moisturized. Drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day will help you internally re-hydrate the cells of your skin, resulting in less production of oil on your skin.


2. Use products that contain Tea Tree oil. 

Tea Tree oil has been used for centuries to treat skin conditions, particularly acne-prone skin. What is so great about Tea Tree oil, also known as  Melaleuca alternifolia, is that it is anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It is able to counteract acne because acne is a bacteria that grows on your skin and spreads rapidly. A healthy clean diet and water helps, however, bacteria needs an anti-bacterial to decrease it's growth. Tea Tree oil is great because it is a natural oil that is not extreme, like some of these other acne medications. 


3. Exercise and eat less sugar and oily foods.

The body is a beautiful and smart machine. What you put into it, you will get back. If you have oily skin, I recommend laying off of sugary drinks, unhealthy snacks and foods with saturated fats. Many studies have directly linked acne to excess sugar and dairy consumption. In addition, it is important to exercise for clear skin because as you exercise, you flush out excess toxins and oils that can create skin problems.


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Be Kind to you, be Kind to the environment and be Kind to

Lets celebrate life by being good to us

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Let's celebrate life by being good to us.                                                                                         By waking up grateful at the mere fact that you have learnt at least one more thing than you knew yesterday.

Let's celebrate life by being good to us.
By realizing that your perception of your day and life have an affect on the progression. For, the more we focus on the things that aren't there, we forget those that are.

Let's celebrate life by being good to us. 
By accepting that when someone is unkind to you, they are doing you a favour. You have the ability to strengthen, learn and grow- what a blessing!

Let's celebrate life by being good to us. 
By forgiving a situation that hurt you, you probably won't be hurt that way again. So why dwell on the hurting? When you have the perfect time to heal what has been hurt.

Let's celebrate life by being good to us.                                                                                       No one else has your name, your face and your body. Your skin is too beautiful to wear uncomfortably.

Let's celebrate life by being good to us.                                                                                         As we are our own Best Friends. who can treat you better than the person you spend the most time with? Yourself.

Boost your self-esteem with these 7 tips.

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Image by Daily Background

In the past year I've really learned what it means to have self-worth. I am finding out more and more that when you can appreciate yourself it is a true blessing.

I thought that I would share a few ways that helped me raise my self-esteem:

1. Learn to say "no."

This way, when you say yes it's for things that are meaningful. When you learn to say no to things and people, it helps you prioritize and remember what's in your best interest. You also begin to like and appreciate yourself for having your own back. The reality is that only you can have your back because, you're the only person who can know what you truly want.

2. Forgive yourself!

The only way to move beyond the past is to let go of it. We all make mistakes, but holding on to them, or telling yourself how badly you've done won't help you achieve anything positive in your life. Let go of the judgment and nasty names that you've called yourself, and move forward. 

3. Limit your apologies only for when you hurt people.

Only say sorry when you've hurt someone. When you continuously say sorry for making mistakes, you're basically apologizing for living. Everyone makes mistakes in life — that's a guarantee. It's nothing to be apologetic about. It also makes your apology to someone you've hurt more meaningful and special because you aren't throwing around the word a lot.

4. Respect yourself.

When you respect yourself, the attitude seeps into to all areas of your life. It means that what you put in your mouth, what you tell yourself and what you do all have healthy benefits to you and your body. Feeling guilty and ashamed isn't a form of respect. So steer away from things that make you feel that way. Put things in your body and mind that make you feel good about yourself and proud of your decisions.

5. Set up clear boundaries for people in your life.

People treat you how you allow them to treat you. If you allow chaos and drama into your life, that's what you'll get. If you allow happiness and joy into your life, you'll get that instead! You deserve to be respected, and only you can initiate this by telling yourself and others what you do and don't appreciate in your life.

6. Surround yourself with people who are positive influences.

People who are negative tend to be a drag to be around. It can be exhausting to deal with people that see the worst in everything. One of the great things about life is that you can decide who you want to be in your life. You deserve people in your life who will lift you up with positivity, and you deserve to lift others up with positivity, too.

7. Smile at yourself in the mirror.

If you want to be mean to yourself, then by all means, go ahead and wish you could be better-looking, call yourself hurtful names and tell yourself that you're unworthy of love. However, if you want to be kind to yourself, start by smiling. Just smile at yourself and you will begin a positive and healthy relationship with yourself.

How to take care of dry skin.

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Image by Getty Images

As a skin specialist, I feel it is my duty to spread the real facts about skincare because there are so many misconceptions going around regarding what s good and bad for our skin. 

This is week one of: How to take care of your skin. Catering to the 3 different skin types: dry, oily and acne-prone skin.

This week, we focus on dry skin. Which, I suffer from. Chronic conditions that stem from dry skin are eczema, rosacea and some forms of skin dermatitis. 

If you have dry skin, please apply the following rules to your skin and you will see a difference in your skin in 28 days, guaranteed! ( It takes 28 days for your skin's cells to replenish. So, please be wary of products that tell you otherwise.)


1. Drink more water

Our skin is the body's biggest organ, consuming the most water from your consumption. You can often tell that you are dehydrated by paying attention to your skin, particularly around your lips and your lips. If they are chronically dry, it could mean that you are dehydrated. It is recommended that you drink 1.5 liters of water a day, more if you are active.


*Read our article on how to spruce up your water for fun water ideas.


2. Avoid conventional soaps and creams.

Just like with anything, in skincare you get what you pay for. I had a client who used Johnson's and Johnson's on her skin and was wondering why she had problematic skin. I explained to her that these cheap products are mostly water and preservatives so, how can you expect it to heal your skin? Our skin is a very simple organ, it will tell you plain and clear what it needs and will tell you f what you're using isn't working. Listen to your skin and fork out an extra $10- $20 for a product that will nourish it, not dry it out.


3. Use oils instead of creams.

I highly recommend using oils on your face as opposed to creams. There has been a recent myth that oil blocks skin and cream allows skin to breathe. This is completely untrue. Oils, particularly botanical oils- made from plants- blend in with your skin's cells easier than synthetics so you are able to absorb more moisture and nutrients from them. Moreover, oils usually need less preservatives in them because they are oil- based and oils have a longer shelf-life than creams that are water-based.


*Brought to you by KindGirlco. 

Be kind to you, be kind to the environment and those around you. 


4 ways to work with The Universe

I had always believed that I had to be in control of everything in my life. It sounds impossible when put into words, but that's how I used to live my life until recently.

A few years ago, a few things were falling out of place and I had no idea what to do. I left one job to escape a problematic situation and started another job only to find myself facing an exaggeration of the same problem. I was in a relationship that felt like we were at war with one another because both of us wanted to be in control, and I had left a living situation with friends to live with a stranger in an arrangement filled with drama and turmoil.

It sounds clichéd, but one day I gave in. I found myself exhausted from trying to control everything when I was clearly unable to. This is what happened when I did decide to let go and let things take their course:

1. I stopped living in "when" and started living in "now."

I used to always say that I would be content when things would go my way. When I lose that weight or When I get that job or When I get that raise. I learned that living with expectance was not allowing me to appreciate the moment because I constantly wanted more. This created a cycle of my being unable to appreciate anything I had because I was so focused on wanting things to be the way that I wanted them to be.

Once I let go of the desire to have everything my way, I freed myself. I stopped driving myself crazy with wanting things to be different.

2. I started appreciating people.

When I let go of wanting people to respond or think the way that I had expected them to, it allowed me to appreciate the positive aspect of how diverse and unique we all are. People are allowed to be who they are. People will do things they want to; not how I want them to.

3. I learned a lesson from Nature.

The weather changes for a reason. It won't always be sunny; sometimes it will rain and if I love the sunshine as much as I do, I can appreciate the rain. It's helping me appreciate the sunshine because it reminds me that the Sun won't always be around. Just like life, there are some situations that may seem uncomfortable—sometimes even painful. However, these situations help us appreciate the situations that are joyful. When the joyful times come around, I remember when it wasn't joyful, which helps me appreciate it more.

4. I cried for a day and then got up the next day.

It was only natural for me to be sad or emotional when things weren't going my way; however, emotions don't lead to success—progressive actions do. I sobbed like a toddler who'd had a toy taken away from her, but then I got up and focused my energy on how to deal with the situation. I made a decision to take action because my emotions wouldn't get me as far as my actions would

4 self-affirmations to self-love.

I am a firm-believer in loving yourself. As a society, we used to be afraid to give ourselves praise and appreciation. However, I am learning that the best relationship that we have is with ourselves. Because we spend the most time with ourselves. 


Also, if we don't love ourselves, we put pressure on other people to do so. And, if we don't love ourselves, who will? It is important to affirm yourself a few times a day so that when other people don't need, you can reassure yourself. 


Here are some affirmations to tell yourself daily:


1. You are enough


The first time that I heard this affirmation, I was in a yoga class. I had just spent the day worrying about money and wasn't feeling great about myself. I felt helpless. As I heard these words, I thought about ny body, my mind and my breathe- all working together to keep me alive. I decided at that moment that I may not be rich but I am certainly wealthy. I have a healthy body, healthy mind and I can take a breath in and out. I am enough. 


2. Elevate yourself.


The truth is that the world can bring us down sometimes. We all feel like we're struggling sometimes and feel inadequate but it is important to step out of a negative mindset and elevate yourself. Know that there will be better and what you are going through is temporary and everything passes- no matter how bad it seems. So elevate yourself above the situation by remembering that there is always a way out, whether it is physical or mental.


3. I choose things and people that serve me.


For some reason, we feel like we have to suffer and completely give ourselves in relationships and jobs. I do partially agree with this; however, if that job or person you are in a relationship hasn't made you feel respected or happy in a while, feel free to leave that chapter of your life behind you. People and jobs are irreplaceable, yes. However, there is no point in being surrounded by negativity.


4. I forgive myself.


Yes, forgive yourself! Forgive yourself for when you told your Mother that you hated her. Forgive yourself for being mean to Nancy in the fifth grade. Forgive yourself for getting so drunk that you threw up when you were 21. Forgive yourself for drunkenly texting your unrequited love 6 times a night. Forgive yourself for everything that brings you any amount of guilt. Because guilt only brings you down. Forgive yourself because you didn't know better and next time, you will do better.

15 reasons to forgive

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Image by Getty Images

Every three months, I take a yoga challenge. I practice hot yoga for thirty consecutive days and I also give myself thirty reasons to forgive.


Here are fifteen of my favourite from my last challenge:


1. I forgive because holding onto judgements about myself and others only shackles my mind and soul to negativity.


2. I forgive because I want to remember more than what has been done wrong to me.


3. I forgive because we are all humans. Counting what is wrong with others will only bring me down, how long can I keep fighting for?


4. I forgive because I am not a victim. Anything that has been done to me was not under my control.


5. I forgive because I will not allow negative people and negative situations to have a hold over my life.


6. I forgive because today is too beautiful to be spent judging and scrutinizing people around me.


7. I forgive because if I don't move past offense, I will drive myself crazy.


8. I forgive because I don't expect people to be kind, I merely appreciate those who are. The only way that I can appreciate those who are kind, is by forgiving those who are unkind.


9. I forgive because what has happened, has happened. It is time to let it go.


10. I forgive because in this imperfect human body I am in no state to hold anything against anyone.


11. I forgive because I can't expect others to live by my expectations.


12. I forgive because I can't re-write the past and I don't want to.


13. I forgive because my sense of peace is not worth sacrificing over something that happened in the past.


14. I forgive because I want to wish others well- including those who have hurt me.


15. I forgive because I want to have hope. Hope is not obtained by holding onto what has gone wrong

To my high school bullies, this is why I forgive you.

I  hated school. I absolutely hated it. I hated getting up five mornings of the week to hear a bell, to learn some things that I mostly wasn't interested in and to hear a few teachers tell me that I wasn't going to succeed at anything in my life. 

I did have some wonderful teachers and, for the most part, a healthy school environment. However, I found that having to see some of the people who bullied me- including some teachers- everyday angered me. 

I spent a lot of time actively being angry because when I voiced my opinions, it wasn't always received well. 

Well, bullies, this one is for you. These are the reasons why I forgive you and I send you love:

1. My life doesn't belong to you. 

The past has been left in the past and, it is important to acknowledge that. If I held on to what has been done to me, I would never progress. My life is in my (and the creator's) hands- not yours. I can't keep repeating how you have treated me in my head because my life is mine- not yours. You don't get that much power over me. 

2. I understand you. 

Now that I am an adult, I can see that only hurt people can hurt others. I understand that to have continuously hurt another, you were not well. In order to heal this world, I cannot hold any resentments against you because you didn't know the outcome of your behaviour and so I forgive you. 

3. Any hate that I feel for you is wasted. 

Like Ghandi said, 'An eye for an eye leaves the world blind.' If I plot and scheme against you, I contribute to the problem not the solution. It is challenging to send you love because of our past but sending love always feels better than hating. 

4. You helped me and I am grateful. 

I spent many years wishing that you didn't exist but the truth is that you do. And, your behaviour toward me has strengthened me. So instead of wishing you ill and regretting the day that you were born, I am grateful because you helped me deal with the many critics that I have encountered in my life after you. Because if I could deal with you, when I was the most vulnerable, the critics are merely ashes compared to your fire.







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3 light reads that are full of wisdom and inspiration.

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image by Getty Images

Reading is so important, it helps us elevate and learn passed what we already know. Sometimes we don't have the time, or the energy, to read long detailed books. So, it's nice to be able to have the option of shorter and lighter reads that can still challenge our intellect and provide us with a deeper understanding of life. 


Here are three of my favourite light-reads:

1. Peace is every step by Thich Nhat Hanh. 

This book is truly beautiful. The Publisher recommends that you can read through this book in 4 hours. It could be shorter; however, Mr. Hanh has such a lovely way of expressing modern day issues and how we can deal with them by focusing on each step with mindfulness and breath. I also recommended this book if you are interested in Buddhism but don't want to fall victim to the dogma of any particular religion. 


2. The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruíz. 

Without a doubt one of my favourite books. The Publisher recommends that this book can be finished in 2 hours- I think in  a shorter space of time. Mr. Ruíz introduces us to his ancient Mexican culture and four beliefs from this culture that can help one out of mental suffering and repetitive negative thoughts. He gives these simple agreements, which are like guidelines that guide us through the mental chatter that is not necessary. 


3. The Ultimate Happiness Prescription by Deepak Chopra. 

Deepak Chopra is a real holistic pioneer. He has had many NY Times bestsellers. In this particular book, he breaks down the true meaning of happiness and gives 7 steps to how it can be achieved. He also challenges our ideas of what we think success and happiness are. This book will leave you with a deeper understanding of what you need to do in your life to achieve your own happiness. After all, your life is in your hands.

Skin tips from a professional

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Image by Getty Images

 I am so passionate about skincare. There is so much misinformation out there. Because of all the misinformation that I have seen out there, I would like to let you in on some skincare tips from a skincare professional. 


Here they are:

1. Don't always trust labels. 

I had a client tell me that they use Johnson's and Johnson's because their parents did and, therefore they should. I highly disagree with this for many reasons but the main reason is that skincare is a science and research evolves so that we can understand skincare better. Another reason is that as years progress, big companies often change recipes of their products; however, they don't have to report the changes in their products- only in The US. Use products that suit your skin, not because you were grandfathered into them. 


2. If your make-up is giving you a rash, discontinue using it

I have overheard a lot of women say that they are so used to having rashes from their skincare. With the development of make-up, there is no need to use foundation that is not suited for your skin. Rashes are a sign that your skin is irritated, listen to it. Speak to a make-up professional to find the right foundation for you. 


3. Ease up on the exfoliation. 

Some of you may have heard me say this but I am adamant about it. Our skin has a natural rejuvenation process that occurs over 28 days, so there is no need to exfoliate more than once every two weeks. When you do exfoliate more than this, you are irritating the second layer of skin that is revealed during the exfoliation process. As a result, breakouts and rashes can occur because the second layer of skin has not had time to be ready for exposure. Give your second layer of skin time to adapt to its surroundings. 

I have hope that I will find true love and respect.


I have hope that I will find true love and respect. He will be in the form of someone considerate. Someone who understands me. When he will be in my life, I will feel exactly how I feel now: full of joy and contention.

I will feel happy and not feel the need to conform because he will accept me the way that I accept myself. He will not demean me or fear communicating with me. Everything will come naturally. And, naturally we will live life. Not bound to papers that enforce commitment, but bound to the respect that is sincere for one another. 

He will not allow anyone to mistreat me and be okay with it. Furthermore, he will not be the reason that I am ever hurt. We will have our issues, as we are people after all. However, when we do, we will come out stronger and full of victory that will be worn through our joy and love for one another.

I accept that I have not met this man because when I do, I will know. He will have no reason to continuously fight me or go out of his way to throw harmful words at me. He will have no reason to treat me any other way than human. 

He will have no reason to leave me hanging, crying and he would be heartbroken at the thought that he could ever harm me. Because when he holds me in his arms, he will be reminded that he has done something good in his life. He will always find a way for me to want him in my life.

4 tips to stay hydrated for healthy skin.

I suffer from chronic dry skin. Which means that I am more susceptible to skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and rosacea. 

I have to be very careful of what I put on my skin. That's why I came up with KindGirlco. skincare.

Here are some tips to have healthy skin:


1. Drink water

Yes! Water is essential! I can't stress how important it is to drink water. Our skin is the largest organ of our body meaning that it needs the most water. When we are dehydrated, we tend to notice it first in our face: lines appear under the eyes, around the mouth and next to our nostrils. It used to be recommended to drink 2 litres of water a day. I say, use that as a guide and if you are still thirsty, drink more. 


Extra tip: Spruce up your water with electrolytes, unsweetened herbal iced-teas and fruits. 


2. Exercise! 

This is imperative for a fully functioning healthy body. To be your healthiest, you must release toxins somehow. Exercise is the quickest and most effective way to do so. It also releases endorphins which give your skin a boost of collagen- leaving your skin more youthful. It is recommended to exercise 5 times a week. 


Extra tip: You must sweat to release toxins of your body so choose an exercise routine that gets your body dripping.


3. Meditate!

Meditation has been around for at least 5000 years. Amongst the many great things that meditation does, it reduces stress. And, we all know that happier people have more vibrant skin. If you are a beginner, start with 3-5 minutes a day in the morning and overtime you can meditate for longer at different times of the day. 


Extra tip: YouTube has some great guided meditations that are free. 


4. Moisturize! 

When your skin is dry, it needs moisture. I recommend body oils over creams as creams tend to have synthetics that can irritate the skin and dry them out more. Use oils that have argan oil for extra moisture. Also, tea tree oil is great for restoring dry skin. 


Extra tip: Try swapping out your soap for oils when you shower. It will leave your skin more hydrated afterwards.


12 reasons to be grateful

Image by Getty images

Image by Getty images

Life can be challenging sometimes. It may even feel like it is challenging most of the time, that's why it's important to uplift yourself with positivity. 

A lot of research backs up the practice of gratitude to enhance your mood. 

So, if you are feeling low, here is a list of things to be grateful for that might lift you up:

1. Your breath :it's literally keeping you alive. 

2. Your body: it allows you to do so many things. 

3. Again, your body: it's a well-oiled machine that works on its own. 

4. Your smile: it will carry you through hard times. 

5. Your parents: they are always doing their best. 

6. Your job: it provides you with financial stability or allows your passion to thrive- sometimes it's a combination of both. 

7. Your family: as a whole, they will always be there for you. 

8. Humankind's history: it paved the way for us to be where we are. 

9. Our mistakes: we learnt and, maybe we are still learning, which is totally okay. 

10. Your ex: they didn't love you a certain way so that you could find out the way that you want to be loved a certain way.

11.  Nasty people in your life: they challenge you to be more patient and have a true understanding of suffering by seeing them suffer.

12. The person in your life that you never seem to be good enough for: they can teach you that true validation comes from within. 


Reduce your carbon footprint by following this list:

Image by Getty Images

Image by Getty Images

Some may say that we are living in some scary times. Whether you are political or not, it is evident that it is up to us to be the change that we want to be- especially in regards to the environment. 

So, here is a list of things that will help you do your part for the environment:

1. Take 2 minute showers or less or take a bath.

- To reduce water consumption. Baths use less water.

2. Use less plastic

- So that there is less plastic to recycle or fill our lands with. 

3. Take public transportation, if you can. 

- public transportation is a big contributor to air pollution. 

4. Buy local as much as you can!

- less travel for your delivery to travel means less pollutants in the air.

5. Use your bicycle every now and then!

- also reducing pollutants in the air.

6. Eat less meat!

- to prevent damage of natural vegetation and reduce methane gas in the atmosphere. 

7. Plant a tree!

- A lot of them are being cut down.

8. Eat Organic!

- Pesticides are air pollutants.

9. Buy recycled paper!

- So that a few less trees get killed. 

10. Recycle!

- It's the right thing to do.

4 Dos and DONTs about skincare


I get asked so many questions about skincare and skin. To be honest, I entered into the skincare industry, as the owner and CEO of KindGirlco., because of my love of the human body. 

A lot of feedback that I have gotten is that there is little-to-no information on the skin, which is why I went back to school to study skincare. I wanted to find out more about the skincare industry and what these products are doing to our skin. 

These are just a few things that I would like to share with you:


1. DO wash your face in the morning and at night.

Regardless of recent evidence that has shown that it is better to keep your makeup or grime on at the end of the night, to avoid drying out your skin, I highly recommend washing any unwanted toxins off your face when you wake up and before you go to sleep. You don't want any bacteria or germs to interfere with your skin cellular reformation. 


2. DON'T use products that have many ingredients in them. 

Just like with anything else, you want to simplify what you put on your skin. I see what I put on my as skin food and, just like food that we eat, the simpler food we eat, the better. That's why in our product line, we don't more than 5 ingredients in our products. This also reduces your chances of having an allergy breakout and, if you do, you are more likely to figure out what caused it. Scientific evidence has also shown that simpler product lines promote skin cellular growth because the nutrients are absorbed better into the skin.


3. DO use oil based products. 

One of the reasons why I got involved in skincare is because I had developed eczema and rosacea. I am also a hot yoga teacher and needed to wash twice a day- this, I thought was drying out my skin. However, after my studies, I found out that it was the products I was using that were drying out my skin. I had been using products that were water-based- which is not hydrating on the skin. Water, H2O, is great for internal moisture but not for external moisture.


4. DON'T confuse natural for organic. 

I am a firm-believer in organics, particularly with skincare, as what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. Unfortunately in the US, there is no regulation on natural so it can mean anything. However, once a product is labelled organic, it must be organic. Meaning that it has seen only 2% chemical processing, if any at all. Even if it doesn't have certified organic; if it is labeled as such, it must be organic. Simplify what you put on your skin by choosing organic.

See www.kindgirlco.com for more information on their organic skincare line.

3 reasons why you need to choose organic.

As most of you may know, I am a certified health coach. The health-coach training that I went through was very informative and rigorous. 

However, a lot of what we learnt was depressing. What we learnt about what the commercial agriculture industry is doing was so upsetting that I would prefer not to share it with you.

What I would like to share with you, however, are reasons why you should eat organic. Organic means that the product has come into contact with little-to-no hazardous chemicals interaction. I highly recommend eating organic fruits and vegetables. And, this is why: 


1. Pesticides have been linked to diseases like cancer. 


In 2015, CNN reported that there were links between pesticides and cancer, particularly in children. Over the past thirty years, several studies have shown that there could be a link between the two. Pesticides contaminate soil and therefore, it is necessary to eat all organic fruits and vegetables. Although the FDA released a list in 2012 of a few foods to eat that are organic, I am here to tell you otherwise. Pesticide contamination affects the soil and therefore can contaminate all fruits and vegetables grown in the same soil. 


2. Pesticides can cause allergies.


Pesticides are a chemical and some chemicals can have negative health affects. In the early 1990s, there were a few studies that revealed some food allergies- particularly to berries. Healthy Homes Collaborative found that there was a link between children with asthma and the use of pesticides in fruit. Other sources say that pesticides found in fruit can lower the immune system and  make people susceptible to diseases that they wouldn't normally have- particularly respiratory diseases. 


3. Pesticides ruin the environment. 


The effects of pesticides on soil are very damaging as these chemicals can strip the soil of its nutrients. Soil takes approximately 7 years to replenish its nutrient value. That's why farmers who have decided to move towards organic from farms that previously were not end up having to wait a few years to start to farm again. The Sustainable table reported almost 80% of farms use pesticides. Imagine the damage on the environment? We can change this by putting our money where our conscious is and buying organic.

Courtesy of The Fashion Spot

Courtesy of The Fashion Spot

3 ways to cleanse your system when you wake up in the morning.

As a holistic professional, I have studied and tried various ways to cleanse my internal system after I have woken up in the morning. In holistic science, it is believed necessary to do so as your body needs to wake up just as your brain does. 

I like to describe it as, you wouldn't expect to run a marathon when you wake up. So, why expect your body to do a ton of digesting as soon as you wake up?

I recommend drinking one of these teas when you wake up, and as always, opt for organic:


1. Ginger tea

Ginger has been known by ancient Chinese and Indian culture to aid the digestive system. That's why they recommend it when you are feeling nauseas or have a tummy ache. Ginger is an anti-fungal so it clears the digestive tract of any unwanted bacteria hanging around. 

How to make: Place a piece of ginger in hot water and leave for 5 mins. Leave ginger in as you sip it down.


2. Garlic tea


This may sound crazy! However, this potion has been around for thousands of years in the eastern world of healing. Particularly, rare black garlic, is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Which supports the digestive systems natural releasing of toxins.


How to make: Place three cloves of garlic into hot water. Let steep for 3-5 minutes and then drink water. You can also chew on garlic once you have sipped the tea.


3. Lemon tea


You've probably heard this before because it's true. For a light digestive boost, drink some hot water with lemon when you wake up. Lemon equalizes alkalinity which can be helpful with the digestive tract as, our bowels' Ph levels tend to fluctuate because of all the work that it has to do. Having a cup every morning will help put your digestive area at ease. However, if you already have high acidity in your bowels, opt for another tea mentioned above. 

How to make: Place a wedge of lemon in hot water. Let it steep for 3-5 minutes and then sip on the water.


* This is not medical advice. If you need medical attention, seek it through a doctor. 

Morning cleanse

Morning cleanse